The Neuroscience of Getting More Done

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More energy to get more done

Energy is your currency. The secret to optimizing your performance is to optimise your energy.

More Money

Increasing your performance significantly increases your chances of better business results, a promotion, a bigger bonus. Yes - you deserve it!

Less unproductive stress

Unproductive stress isn’t good for you or anyone around you. It’s bad for your physical and mental health - you deserve to make stress your friend so work and life feel easier and more productive.

Getting it done

Life is busy. Demands on your time and energy are high. We’ve been seeing these demands continuously increase for the last 10 years and we know that there are very few approaches that actually help us manage our energy effectively. We’ve put together our very best tools and coaching support to offer you this foundation course  in getting more done, with less effort.

We’ve used neuroscience and sports training principles to develop really easy to implement tools to help you to optimise your energy for optimal performance.

You’ll have a new foundation for greater success, while being able to find more time and energy for family and friends. Enjoy the ride!

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I’m ready to get more done, with more energy!

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Iā€™m ready to get more done, with more energy!

Are you ready for your team to perform at their best WITHOUT burnout?

We show you clear and proven strategies to change the way you approach life based on your individual way of operating. These strategies are based on neuroscience, psychology and sports training principles that will allow you to be more effective, more productive and use less effort.

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Next Evolution Energy was born from Next Evolution Performance to offer a more bite-sized approach to learning how to improve your everyday performance, while reducing the effort you have to outlay.  We see the incredible results with our executive clients everyday but it is not always possible to offer individualised coaching or workshops to the whole business. NEE is there to make sure that everyone in the organisation can access simple and effective tools and learn our unique and effective way of growing, managing and sustaining their energy and performance.

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